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MIUI 14 Details & Overview


After a long wait, Xiaomi has unveiled its latest customized Android skin MIUI 14, alongside the brand-new top-of-the-line number series. The user interfaces for the new software are built on the Android 13 platform Android 13 and features numerous visual enhancements and fresh features, and more efficient collaboration across devices. The Xiaomi company says MIUI 14 has a reduced firmware size and an upgraded system architecture to improve performance. We’ll look at the latest features within the Xiaomi Android 13 -based application.



The most recent version of MIUI 14 has beautiful significant visual changes. The icons are essential and can change their size; additionally, new widget styles and home screen folders provide users with more customization options.

In addition, the application also introduces new plant and pet widgets. It’s like Pixel Pals. When you’ve added the pet/plant ornament to your home screen, it is possible to play around with it or interact with it.


The main feature of MIUI 14 is its tiny size. Its total software is 13.09GB and is significantly smaller than the earlier version of MIUI. A new feature to clean up apps can also compress applications with low frequency and will only save one duplicate file copy.


The software also offers new options for managing notifications. Users can now close resident reports in one swipe. Additionally, new apps will require authorization for messages.Privacy is also enhanced by deleting user data in the cloud and executing every action locally on your device.

A variety of new AI features are included in MIUI 14. The UI is now able to take the text of images. Users can also hold and press the text in a Gallery image to be able to recognize it. The Gallery supports up to eight languages. Available.  Xiaomi has also made some notable advancements in the Mi AI voice assistant. It can read documents, translate documents, and block spam calls. It can complete complex daily tasks by using accessible voice commands.


Xiaomi has been talking a lot about performance at the time of the announcement of MIUI 14. The company has put in extensively to make the software lighter. MIUI 14 also has a  MIUI photon engine based on the Android kernel. Third-party developers will be able to develop smoother and more efficient applications.

The memory footprints on the system have been drastically reduced, and there are now just eight apps that can remove. Xiaomi states that the speed in the operating system has improved by as much as 60 percent. Not just system applications but also third-party apps offer better performance and efficacy.


MIUI 14 will allow users to connect effortlessly to different ecosystem-wide products. The company claims two main interconnection centers support over one billion devices. It has a new paired device interface that allows each device to take up its screen, Some of which could shift from one location to another to change inputs.

According to Xiaomi, the latest speedy interconnection system has increased the rate of connectivity to earphones by 50 percent, mobile TV connections by 12 percent, and image streaming speed by 77 percent.


The most recent MIUI version MIUI is believed to be more welcoming for families. It includes a range of family features that let you create groups of up to eight members and assign different roles using various rights. Users can upload photos to their families. Every group member will be able to browse and upload new images.

Family services can also share health information, such as blood oxygen, heart rate, and sleep information, with relatives. Furthermore, various parental control options can enable users to limit their screen time or limit the use of apps and set up a secure zone, and much more.

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