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Acer was established in 1975 in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. Acer’s company started with 11 employees and US$25,000 as capital. The company developed the Micro-Professor MPF-I training kit. The company was changed to Acer in 1987.

Acer has increased its worldwide sales while reducing its workforce by identifying. And employing strategies for marketing that make the most use of the existing distribution channels. The company was founded in January 2005. In the early 2000s, Consumer notebooks were nearly the sole source of growth in the computer industry. It was the third-largest supplier of computers and the second-largest of notebooks, with a significant increase in its profitability.

Acer is striving to be the most prominent computer manufacturer and believes that this will assist in achieving economies of scale and better profits. But, relying on the low-value, high-volume PC market exposed Acer’s when purchasing habits changed. In 2019 Acer’s launched the esports-related social platform PLANET9.gg which will provide game-related analysis, community-organized competitions, and social and gaming experiences.

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