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Samsung is going to use a metal Titanium Frame in the Galaxy S24 Ultra: Rumoured

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Rumored: Yesterday, it was reported that Samsung will officially show off its new Galaxy S24 line in the US on January 17. Rumors had been going around for a while that this was true. A South Korean brand’s future top-of-the-line phones have been made public through leaks. Here’s some good news about one of the S24 devices from a new study from the company’s home country.

Scientists have found out that the frame case of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S24 Series will be made of titanium. Titanium will be used for the first time in the Ultra model in the series, according to sources. If it works well, the company hopes to use it in more models.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Rumoured: Samsung is going to use a metal Titanium Frame

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Rumored: Samsung is going to use a metal Titanium Frame

Apple was the first company to use titanium in a smartphone, and the flagship iPhone 15 Pro models are full of ads that highlight this feature. As soon as Samsung follows suit, all smartphone frames could be made of titanium.

Many people in the South Korean tech industry say that the yield rate for the titanium frame cases was almost complete.

As early as two years ago, sources say Samsung started looking into ways to use titanium in the frames of its phone cases. However, the business released the technology to the public not long ago.

A low yield will make the case four or five times more expensive so that the case yield rate will be significant. It costs less than $20 for Samsung’s high-end metal phone cases right now. Like the number of Galaxy S23 Ultra models shipped this year, Samsung may make 15 million titanium frame cases.

Steel is heavier than titanium, which is more complicated than aluminum. More heat or electricity needs to be carried by it. These things are used by many people in the airplane business. In terms of cutting and grinding, it takes more work. Cutting straight is harder with it because heat doesn’t move through it well.

It won’t get about 10% lighter than the Galaxy S24 because titanium is used. In the past, Apple used stainless steel to make phones much lighter before moving to titanium for the Pro models. As always, Samsung has used soft metal, which makes this hard to do.

A flat-screen, not one with sides, will also be on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. After cutting, the edge will be straight instead of at a 45-degree angle. 


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