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HMD Global, Nokia Phone: Making Two New Phones

HMD Global Nokia Phone: A new line of Nokia phones will come out in 2024! People were told about this in September by Baril, who is the Executive Chairman of HMD Global.

Not long ago, more information came out about what will happen with HMD smartphones. The GSMA IMEI database, according to a story from GSMChina, shows that two new smartphones from HMD Global are being tested right now within the business. These phones are made by the brands N159V and TA-1585.

HMD Global NOkia

The Nokia smartphone TA-1585 has been given a new name and could be rereleased under the HMD brand.

HMD Global Nokia Phone

Details about HMD Global’s new phones have yet to be made public. Ravi Kunwar, the vice president of the company for India and APAC, told the Economic Times that the new brand would come out in the first half of 2024, with India as its primary market.

The first smartphones that come out might be different from the two that HMD is testing right now. But we’ll learn more about the new HMD Phones in the coming months.

Source: HMD Global Nokia Phone

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